Update Day… Whatever.

The cleaning crew is finally here! On a Sunday morning. But at least they’re here.

So once the basement is clean we can then start wishing for new appliances. Top of my list is a water heater. I took a cold shower last night out of pure necessity and it was one of the least enjoyable experiences of my life.


Basement has been cleared of all junk. Still waiting on the clean up crew to come and sanitize the place.

Washer/Dryer, water heater, HVAC unit are all dead.

Hot water is a fond memory.

I’ll probably talk about this at length in a couple weeks on the podcast. There has been a laundry list of things to deal with. I’m waiting for the insurance adjuster to call back with bad news.


Our basement flooded today during the torrential downpour metro Detroit experienced.

I’m on perpetual hold with the insurance company so I decided to write a post about it.

There’s probably about two feet of water down there right now. I’m oddly zen about the whole ordeal. We only lost things.

I lost some books, about 30 years worth of comics (a dozen plus long boxes), a computer, a microwave, kitchen supplies, old porno…

They asked me for my personal estimate just now and I threw out a number that is about 1/4 of our total coverage. Seemed like a lot.

Updates to follow, I’m sure.

Hey! It’s a NEW preview image! We started this tumblr page EXACTLY a year ago and we’re almost done. I’m sure some kind of Kickstarter announcement will be imminent.


Marathoning Tales from the Darkside on a tiny TV that’s surrounded by toys. It’s like I’m 10 all over again.

Always reblog Tales From The Darkside.


While at the yard sales yesterday, I found a giant bin of videocassettes for a quarter each. Bought a ton of them, of course. The real stars were the boxed “official” copies (I’ll be posting about them on Dino Drac in a bit), but I couldn’t resist these, either. Movies and specials that were (potentially) taped off television, and will (potentially) be filled with ancient, glorious TV commercials.

Pay special attention to the 2nd tape. Monster Squad and the Witch Mountain movies!

The following can be attributed to E.A. Henson:

Tapes are the best.

I don’t mean that in any kind of technical sense, of course. But the physical act of recording something off the TV… That’s where the magic is.

If you were like me then you spent the commercial breaks not microwaving popcorn or running to the bathroom, but hovering over the record button. Being able to record an episode of The X-Files with all the commercials edited out was probably the closest I’ll ever get to perfection.

In my basement I still have a couple of milk crates full of VHS tapes just like this. I long ago lost the ability to play them when my secondhand VCR died. They have become little black monoliths of mystery.

A tiny black paw.

Gift from a co-worker. They know me too well. I must disappear, reinvent myself and take another office job (under an alias) far, far away.